Watershed to Ocean

Watershed to Ocean

Watershed – Wetland – Ocean:  We all live in a watershed — the area that drains to a common waterway, such as a stream, lake, estuary, wetland, aquifer, or ocean — and our individual actions can directly affect it. Working together to help  protect and enhance our region’s water resources is of incredible importance.  Wetlands are an important element of watersheds because they serve as the link between land and water resources.   Oceans, coasts and estuaries provide critical natural habitat for countless species.

In an exciting long term partnership with the Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California Berkeley, Edison Elementary teachers engage students in class projects that expand student understanding of the importance of our aquatic systems in the health of our region and planet.  A number of Edison teachers have attended the Marine Activities Resources and Education Institute (MARE) in Santa Cruz and have created traditions at Edison that foster a love of and respect for our planet’s precious ecosystems.  An example of the creativity that is fostered through engaging in understanding the various habitats studied is our longstanding tradition of Ocean Week.

MARE primary grades focus on near-shore, more familiar habitats:

~Rocky Seashore
~Sandy Beach

As students progress to their upper elementary years, they explore offshore marine habitats that are more conceptually abstract:

~Kelp Forest
~Open Ocean

Engaging the whole school simultaneously in the study of a common theme is an amazing experience for students, teachers, and our entire community.