Swing School Update

Hello Wonderful Edison Families!

I have an update for you about next year. The decision has been made to move Edison to the Tier I start time. That means school will start at 7:55 and end at 2:25.

For those of you that normally ride the bus, nothing has changed. Your routes will continue as they did this year. For those of you within walking distance of Edison, we will have bus pick up at the First Congregational Church on 24th and Harris. The church has been kind enough to partner with us and let us park in the parking lot with drop off and pick up taking place on the 23rd street side of the property.

Now is as good a time as any to start teaching and reminding everybody about being a good neighbor. The church is helping us out and we need to be respectful of their property. That looks like maintaining a respectful noise level and staying on the sidewalk. We can show them Edison respect by staying off their lawn and out of their flower beds. Of course, there will be more to come on this subject and more to come around the specifics as we get closer to the new year.

Stay tuned, stay safe, and stay healthy.

Principal Scott