Coyote Kids!

Coyote Kids! Nature Enrichment Program

Coyote Kids! is a nature and outdoor science enrichment program for grades 1-5. Edison Elementary was one of the first schools to offer a Coyote Kids! program which is now available at 8 local schools. Students at Coyote Kids! develop their curiosity and skills of discovery to explore the natural environment all around Edison School and nearby parks. The program helps kids to learn self-confidence, teamwork, and personal responsibility. A ratio of at least one instructor to 6 kids ensures lots of hands-on mentoring. Every season of Coyote Kids! focuses on one of four Learning Pathways which include one general area of nature study.

Program Options

Way of the Cougar:
Explore awareness and stealth to be better observers of wildlife. Learn navigation skills to become lost-proof.
Way of the Raccoon: Discover how to use plants for food or to heal. Make crafts from natural fibers.
Way of the Owl
Develop your naturalist studies. Learn bird language. Interpret the signs and tracks left behind by animals.
Way of the Wolverine
Practice outdoor survival skills. Learn basic first aid. Construct shelters. Practice fire safety.
Coyote Kids! happens every Tuesday from 2:45-4:45 and meets in front of the school. Scholarships are available.
Contact Information:
Matt Bradley
Executive Director of Operations
Whole Earth Nature School

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