Preliminary Work Near Edison Site Begins Next Week

SUBJECT: Preliminary Work Near Edison Site Begins Next Week

Dear Edison families,


With school out for summer, work is progressing for our move to the Willard site and construction of the new Edison school building.

The original Edison building will be removed later this year, allowing construction of the new building to begin in early 2021.

In the meantime, you may notice some minor preliminary work getting started in the Edison neighborhood in June and July. The first pre-construction projects will be rerouting the sewer line that runs under Edison and connecting it to one in Onyx Street, and placing a gravel pad at the school site.

First, on Monday, June 29, contractors will make small, exploratory holes on 22nd Avenue and Onyx Street to ensure there is no conflict with the planned path for relocating the sewer line. On or about July 21, the work will begin to reroute the sewer line. This will involve excavation of 22nd Avenue from Onyx Street to the alley between Onyx and Emerald.

Crews also will be back in mid-July to start delivering gravel to the school site. The addition of a gravel pad in the grassy field area will help reduce mud and mess at the school site and in the neighborhood when construction begins.

Stay tuned for ongoing updates!