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Upcoming Events

Dear Edison families. On September 30th, from 10am to 2p, Lane County is having a plastics round-up. If you have been saving plastics that are not recyclable due to recent changes in curbside service, now is the time to have them recycled.

Here is more information:
-> All materials brought to this event must be clearly stamped, by the manufacturer, with a code of #2 (jugs and bottles, etc.), #4 (yogurt lids) or #5 (yogurt containers, etc.). The code is usually on the bottom of the item within the “recycling arrows.” Items must be separated by code number and shape.
-> All items must be washed clean, and please remove all labels that are not printed on container.
-> The event is located at the Glenwood Transfer Station. 3100 E 17th Ave. Eugene

More info is at the following link:

Thank you for helping reduce waste in Lane County! ( This message is from our “Oregon Green Schools” coordinator, Joshua Frankel. For more info on the green schools program visit the following site )