Extended Learning

Edison’s Extended Learning page is currently under construction.  Please revisit us in the future for more information


A very hot topic in education today—covered by many academic journals and the general press — is student-centered and customized learning. Both of theses concepts encourage students to come to class prepared, to discuss a subject in ways that help them internalize and understand it.  Our faculty goal and theme this year is “making student thinking visible” and to that end we have been encouraging more Socratic discussion oriented pedagogical approaches in the classroom.  These types of discussions facilitate rich student dialogue and allow all students to exercise their intellect in conversation.  Lately, we have been extending the discussion regarding student centered and customized learning into our monthly parent council meetings, but utilizing the term “extended learning”.  Extended learning has been predominantly utilized to define after school or summer opportunities that extend a student’s learning beyond the core curriculum taught during the day.  Recently at Edison we have been reshaping what extended learning can mean to us as an educational community.  We are currently, with the help of our larger extended community, in the process of establishing a set of priorities that will shape the nature of what it means to be “educated at Edison”.  These priorities include helping students to become more globally aware, to develop a deeper understanding of environmental sustainability and social justice, to nurture the “adventurous spirit”, and to engage in understanding (through action) what it truly means to be part of a democracy.  In upcoming parent council meetings and in community events we will be continuing to discuss how we can add breadth, depth, and variety through the development of Edison’s Extended Learning curriculum…you are all invited to join in the upcoming parent council conversations!