Edison Student Publishers is an extracurricular program for students at Edison Elementary, Eugene, Oregon. While engaged in publishing activities, students explore positive and powerful ways to share their interests, skills and opinions, creatively and respectfully, through drafting, collaboration, conferencing and revising. The students develop the content for each edition. Opinions expressed are those of each author and do not necessarily reflect those of the publishing program or Edison School. We invite your feedback.

Program Highlights

  • Small groups – approximately 12 students per class; mixed grade groupings; all abilities welcome.
  • Student choice (and responsibility!) – Students decide what to create and we work with them to figure out how to do it.
  • Diversity and collaboration – We learn to respectfully share our strengths and confidently seek help with skills and tasks we haven’t yet mastered. Working independently and together, we discover the fun and power of our diverse abilities.
  • Opportunities to explore and apply advance technology tools and strategies – Word processing and editing, desktop publishing, digital photography, graphics software and hardware, digital recorders, and more
  • Choosing the best tools for the job – Sometimes we download photos from an iPhone to a computer over wireless networks, other times we sketch an illustration or diagram with colored pencils before scanning it to a computer. Usually, we creatively combine both traditional and technological tools, learning that one is not better than the other.
  • Authentic project-based activities – Publishing for a broad audience at school and on the web encourages students to put forth their best work, collaborate with others, and consider the impact of what they produce.
  • Developmental approach – We believe that mistakes and success go hand-in-hand, that nothing has to be perfect but we should always try our best, and that determination and flexibility both matter!
  • Critical thinking – As a group, we decide what might interest our audience; we solve technical and interpersonal challenges, and we make practical decisions about the tools and materials needed to complete a task.
  • Multiple program formats – After school (1 1/2 hrs/week for 8 weeks), summer camp (5 half days), and non-school days (5.5 hours), each resulting in one print and online edition distributed to the Edison community.