Edison Perspectives


Dear Edison Community,

I am extremely excited to welcome you back to what I know will be an incredible year!  The faculty and I feel honored to be able to teach in a school with Edison’s supportive community and it’s time-honored traditions. Our rich history calls those of us at Edison today to remember that education is about both the individual and the community. We seek to nurture the creativity, imagination, and love of learning in each of our students and in ourselves.

We know that knowledge continues to increase at an almost unimaginable speed and our world is becoming rapidly more complex. I remember a time when phones still had chords and were connected to the wall. Now i-phones, far more powerful than the Apollo Guidance Computer that sent us to the moon (2k of memory!), are ubiquitous…. Our children will continue, throughout their lives, to experience rapid change and it is their inventiveness and imagination that will help them to grapple with the issues we all face. Our world needs leaders who are creative and supple in their thinking. The ability to pursue relevant and good ideas with tenacity and strongly developed intellectual capacity is invaluable. This, combined with a developed sense of compassion and integrity, will foster sense of connection to their (and our) responsibility to value goodness as well as knowledge.

The kind of education we strive to create for students at Edison calls us all to live lives of purpose, meaning, service, and to take on the very real challenges facing our world, and to commit ourselves to the common good of our communities.

In my years as Edison’s principal, I have seen our students wonderfully demonstrating their concern for one another and their care for the school community that they share. I have witnessed their commitment to making our world a better place and their emerging realization that they are powerful thinkers and doers. Their intellectual vigor and excitement, their collaborative and problem-solving skills, their evolving dedication to community service, make me, and the faculty at Edison, proud beyond belief.
This summer we undertook a host of enhancements to the physical fabric of our school. Our long awaited office remodel is nearing final completion as I write this letter! The movement of our office has allowed for several new classroom configurations and a larger community conference room. I think you will like the change.


Music and physical education will continue to be integral to Edison programs. The first half of the year we will host Martha Van Wormer as our music teacher and Rachel Farkas will be joining us for the second half of the year for P.E. In addition, we will continue to bring yoga and additional art and music classes to Edison throughout the year through our solid partnerships with the University of Oregon’s Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, Lane Arts Council, and other local professionals.

As we begin this, the 88th year of Edison Elementary, I hope that we continue to strengthen the connections that make this community so incredible. Connections create and maintain vibrant communities, and I look forward to being able to be a part of our already strong community. Robert Louis Stevenson once said, “don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.” We are planting some wonderful seeds.